I was so thrilled when Jim Morris agreed to meet me for an interview during Pardi Gras in New Orleans. He graciously allowed two of my friends who were big fans to sit in on the chat, one of which is now my husband. But on to what I learned about this mega Trop Rock star.

Jim grew up in Georgia within a musical family, and taught himself to play the guitar at age ten. He pursued an English and business career in college, though, and spent 15 years working in the corporate world, mainly in human resources management. Benefits of his executive experiences were living in several diverse locations around the country and having to write many reports, which offered great stories and heightened writing skills. He finally left the executive world after a business trip to Florida – it was off to write and sing songs about what he loves: sailing, fishing, and drinking. Not to say that Jim doesn’t have a cache of poignant love songs and thoughtful ballads…. he is a master at creating memorable tales in all kinds of musical atmospheres.

1996 started a series of annual albums written and recorded by Jim. Each gained critical acclaim and he was able to concoct an interesting formula of tropical, jazz, country and folk under the Fish Head music label. Many of his compositions are based on personal experiences and stories, also. “The Writer Guy” is based not on him, but on an apartment neighbor he had in his single days. In “Bar Stools and Beach Chairs,” Jim mentions driving back from Del Rio, Texas under a moon so bright that he didn’t need to use headlights. And Jim did that! “The Sailboat Race” was based upon a sailboat race in which a friend was recruited who had no idea of the seriousness of racers.

Jim is often heard solo, but also performs with his Big Bamboo Band, which includes John Patti and Jimmy Pappas. He’s not on the road often, but regularly plays The Nav-a-gator Grill, and of course, he has a hit song about that venue, as well. We heard Jim four times during MOTM last year (did I mention my husband is a big fan?) and look forward to hearing him again next month in Key West. To quote one of his many favorites, “the Fish Head Man is back in town!””

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